1. starting a thangie
  2. weapon and armor charts
  3. basic rules
  4. advanced rules
  5. monster list (suggestions)

Welcome to ChatThang, the Role-Playing Game chat interface! Everything that happens is the product of real human interaction. Be kind, take the time to read through the basic rules before disturbing a game in progress. Remember, the other players, (including the TM), are your friends.

Who/what is a TM? One of the people playing at ChatThang is the Thang Master, called TM for short. While the other players determine the actions of their individual alter egos, (known as thangies or heroes), the TM decides the basic lay of the land, including what monsters attack the group and other plot devices. The TM does what your computer and software do while you're playing videogames, (only most TMs are more interesting).

What are all these numbers? Your thangie's abilities are rated by numbers. In attributes, a 1 is high average, a 0 is low average, a 5 is impressive and a 10 is amazing. Click the name of the attribute for a brief description of what it does.

What can I click, and when? First, click all of the words not in dark 3-D buttons and read the popups. There is useful information there, almost enough to begin playing immediately. Clicking most of the buttons and text boxes constructs a sentence. (using words and numbers you have written into the boxes), and puts it onscreen where everyone can see it.

I've read everything, but I still don't understand how to play. Wait for a lull, (the end of a battle is appropriate), and ask the referee to explain the play order. If there is no-one else here, click "TM screen" and then at the new page, (the page the TM uses), press ptI and ptII. If you are already at the TM screen, there will be a button that says "player screen" instead.