This site is for those interested in myths and Swords & Sorcery fiction. Hopefully all who visit will be entertained.
I am trying to bring the aspects of several media together in this site.
The subject is a playable world I have been dreaming up for several years, it has thieves, religious sects, and monsters, all in a quasi romantic setting posing moral dilemas, as well as physical obstacles for the heroes.
The Internet and specifically "HTML" is the vehicle for your journey. Click and scroll like crazy - explore and search.
Everyone I know who likes Swords & Sorcery fiction loves Swords & Sorcery art. Eventually the pages you visit will have lavish illustrations, along with links to artists, art stores, (on-line and otherwise), authors, and homepages. In the meantime, I've made an effort to make the site as visual as possible.

Out of site links:

Free Galaxy: Antoinio Azpitarte is a man with a mission.

View or enter my interactive linkbook
LEGENDARY is a complete set of rules. Emphasis was placed on speed and adaptability within medium fantasy campaign settings. I believe these rules prove that detail does not have to be sacrificed for playability.

A FULL VERSION is also available. It is intended as a pencil and paper game. Hopefully I will publish it someday.

THE THANG is an interactive adventure. The setting is the planet, Thang. Your "Thangie" was born on the day the Ancient Tomb of the Eldar was entered for the first time in 1000 years. There are mysteries to be unlocked; perilous fate awaits travellers of this dangerous and unpredictable world...
Now available in frames.

Destiny of the Dragon: live the adventure. At Macray's Keep

If you have a scanned picture you would like to see in The World Of Thang, e-mail me the URL of the picture and the page you think it would look best on.

Other Productivity Enterprises games:



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