Each hero's progress is kept track of on a piece of paper called their log sheet. The abilities and possesions of the heroes and all beings in play are represented by numbers. After a few sessions, it should become clearer what the various numbers represent. For now lets just say that a higher number indicates more prowess than a low one; a 3 is run of the mill, anything over 5 is excellent, over 10 is outstanding and those who pass 15 are worthy of legendary status.

When a hero does something, an ability is used. Usually a die roll is called for; the die roll may be modified: and the result may be limited.
If the final result is compared to 0, with three possible consequences, it is called a challenge roll.
If the result is applied as damage, it is called an attack roll. When a number or rating is used instead of an opposing roll, it is called a test
. If the roll is equal to or higher than the required number, the attempted action occurs as planned.

Physique and mentality are called attributes. They can't be changed unless the referee and all of the players agree. All such agreements are one time deals.
Strength and knowledge are called basic characteristics.
Agility and perception are called adjusted characteristics.,br> Characteristics can be increased during the game.

Strength begins equal to physique
Knowledge begins equal to mentality,
Agility begins equal to physique, -1 if mentality is lower than physique
Perception begins equal to mentality, -1 if physique is lower than mentality
Agility and endurance points are also called reservoirs, they are temporarily reduced by damage and hardship points.

Below is a list of skills and specialties, the lefthand column is the characteristic that the skill and specialties in the row begin the game equal to. Characteristics, skills and specialties can be increaseed during the game. Skill advacements add to the characteristic to their left when using the skill.
A specialty's advancement can be added directly to the attribute to the left or else half the specialty's advancement can be added to the skill to the left. When an ability is mentioned in these rules, it will be an attribute, characteristic, skill, or specialty. Be sure to use the ability called for, it is much harder to advance in some abilities than others, (see expertise).

Table 1 Skills/specialties Characteristic: Skill: Specialties
strength: endurance:

stamina, health, combat
agility: brawling:
blade, flail, hafted, unarmed
agility: maneuver:
stealth, tactics, move, ride/drive
perception: missiles:
bow, sling, blowgun, thrown, crossbow
perception: interaction:
mechanical, acting, detect, leadership,strategy
knowledge: academics:
read/write, navigation, medicine, engineering, trade/pick one: (weaver, tanner, smith, mason, herder, farmer, merchant)
knowledge: magic:
(note, magic specializations add directly to skill): focus, channelling, ritual, concentration, illusion

Table 2 Dice from ability conversion 
rating dice 
 1     1D2 
 2     1D4 
 3     1D6 
 4     1D8 
 5     1D10 
 6     1D12 
Each +1 therafter, a +1 die mod is gained 
Table 3 Rating :: actual table 
rating actual (adventure rounds, meters, kg, silver coins) 
 1     1-10        3 = 1 hour, 4 = 1 1/2-2 hours 
 2     11-40       16 = 1 mile 
 3     41-90       1 gold coin = 10 silver coins 
 4     91-120      3 = typical adult human weight range 
 5     121-250  
 6     251-360  When a rating is given and and a precise 
 7     361-49   actual value is required, roll 2 six sided 
 8     491-640  dice and subtract 2, multiply the           
10     811-1000 difference between the higher and lower     
                possible values by the roll/10, then add    
                the result to the lower value. 

Chapter II Starting Heroes

As the hero is created, the ratings are noted on it. Each hero starts out with 10 background points. These can be used to "buy" advances or attribute shifts. There is a big difference between background points and expertise points, (next section), so don't get them confused, (background points are only used when starting a new hero).

Table 4a Background point costs 
use                                    cost 
1 specialization advance            = 1 point 
1 skill advance                     = 2 points 
1 characteristic advance            = 3 points 
shifting 1 line on attribute column = 4 points 
1 spell                             = 1 point 
Table 4b Attributes 
physique mentality cost 
    3        2      8 
    3        1      4 
    2        2      0 
    1        3      4 
    2        3      8 
Table 5 height and weight 
race       height      weight          abilities 
male     P+2D6+60" H+(SxPxH/5) +1 physique, +1 mentality 
female   P+2D6+57" 2H+(SxP)    +1 mentality, +2 agility 
male     P+1D6+50" 2H+(SxPxH/5) +1 physique, +2 strength 
female   P+1D6+45" 4H           +2 strength, +2 academics 
male     P+1D20+55" H+(SxPxH/5) +1 mentality, +2 magic 
female   P+1D6+55"  2H+(SxP)    +2 mentality 
male     2P+2D10+70 5H+(SxPxH/2) +2 physique 
female   2P+2D10+70 2H+(SxPxH/2) +2 physique 
male     P+2D4+65   PxH          +2 Agility, double defense 
female   P+2D4+65   PxH          +2 Agility, double defense 

If a player desires a particular height and weight, the referee should allow it, (without penalty), if it differs less than 10% from the rolled amount.


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