Point distribution

Giving 3 points to spead within 4 attributes allows the greatest variety of permutations with minimum restrictions. Usually starting thangies will not take any perception points because they can earn them at 2:1 later on, (besides - weapons cost money). For the fastest advancing, easy to use but least versatile, just take all 3 as physique. If money is no object, take all 3 as agility. For versatility, take magic; amber is what makes it powerful but it won't pay for itself until you are really high level.


This is just a simple way to define rolling dice. The adventure pages contain the real info on skill attempts.


All combat is to the death. There is no honor or sportsmanship. It is so rare for heroes or monsters to turn tail and run that I ignored the option. Specific adventure pages may state otherwise. In game terms it is not an important distinction. Thus the one roll system was born - it's fast flexible and functional.


Agility reservoir is analogous to winning/losing it represents a tactical edge instead of physical damage. Physique reservoir represents cuts, bruises, broken bones, infection, etcetera.


There is little combination of point values but in roleplay there should be some compensation.
Zurg has Physique=0 Agility=3 Perception=0 Mentality=0
Zurgina has Physique=0 Agility=3 Perception=3 Mentality=0
Mathematically their agilities are the same but Zurg moves faster and Zurgina reacts faster.


The magic system is pretty standard, aside from the lack of spell names and categories. It adds directly to combat very nicely too. Amber is like a catchall phrase for magic ingredients only it is intended to be taken as a literal truth in the setting.


Note that higher ranges give a greater effect. This simulates the fact that several shots will be fired as the combatants close range. Since all the shots are combined into one roll, this is like saying: 10%Long) + 15%(med) + 20%(short) = 45%. If you have a knowledge of statistics you can see what I actually did. It works pretty well.

Your thangie can shoot a bow OR cast spells in each combat...
Without having to make the choice, all monsters begin looking the same.


The 2 point rule for perception is simply for play balance. Bows are deadly weapons after all. I like to call the hand weapon replacement rule, the "wear out" rule. One of my friends equates it with "training" or honing ideas into skills- he has the idea that weapons never wear out.

It may be of interest that when the number of monsters in an encounter is over 1, the actual number of creatures symbolized is the number cubed.


This is an easy way to represent encumbrance and no more abstract than pure weight points.


Actually Eldar treasures should wear out too, but their intrinsic value is too great. There may be a way to destroy Eldar magic, possibly with dragon flame.

My assumption is that most monsters would like to treat warriors like we treat chickens. Just go up to one and lop it's head off while the rest ignore you.
Thangies are not great strategists, but know enough to keep each other alive if necessary.
One bow shot used as desired simply makes sense.


One person can't hope to come up with enough ideas for everyone. As Innkeepers gain followings, they will gain riches, giving great DM's rewards just like great players. Hopefully a community or communities will develop, along with sects and warlords.