Optional Rules

   The rules in this section may add realism or detail, but 
also add complexity. It is the feeling of the author that 
they detract from game play. However, these additions do 
mesh with the basic system. If they are to be used, the 
referee must announce them before the heroes are created. 
Any optional rules used must be noted on paper. If the use 
of optional rules in the middle of a game is irresistable, 
unanimous consent is required at each use. 

Worn Versus Carried
Armor weight is as on the chart when worn, when carried it weighs 50% more.

When the highest possible result is rolled on a hero's ability die, the result is applied, plus must be rolled again. This gives monsters another attack and adventure actions a second chance to fail.

Additional Combat Options
Berserking: The hero adds shield rating to brawling ability, and does not limit the attack roll. The hero can not defend, and defefnse rating is halved. Berserking with two weapons: The two attack limits add together. THe hero can not defend, and defense rating is halved. Defense: a target may attempt a maneuver test, (see maneuvering). pass, halve the damage result and the monster attacks again, (choose targets) fail, apply damage normally, and the monster attacks again, (choose targets)

A torturer may cause ability damage and does not automatically free the target, even if the target agrees to the demands.

Crippling Damage
All mortal wounds are treated as torture, (as well as normally).

Combat options can be advanced as specialties. Whenever the option is used, any ability is +1. If you like this, try it with talents!

When a specialty is advanced, a talent can be chosen for the advance. When the talent is used, the specialty, (of the talent), can be added directly to skill, (instead of being halved).

Converting Heroes To Monsters
The following section is for converting a hero log sheet into monster combat stats. Add the current agility and endurance remaining for an attack ability. Use attack roll as a separate attack die Add health rating to defense. The monster missile ability is the same as the hero's missile ability, but specialty advances may only be used when combined with skill, (at 1/2 value). Magic is used normally.