In this system, the longer ranges are actually better than 
short ones. Since only one roll is being made, it must 
include all shots that might have been fired. If ammunition 
is low or withheld the range should be decreased 
proportionately, (using the rating:actual table) If an 
ambush is attempted, a stealth test versus terran rating 
must be made; all missile attacks are reduced to point 

   Ranged combat is conducted before maneuvering.
   Roll the ability die once for each attack. The roll is 
adjusted in the following order:
  1) roll the die, limit by range times rate, subtract the 
target's evasion modifier, (maneuver x 3(3 if flying) - 
   The number generated reduces the moster's armor, if it 
reches 0, it dies. One ranged attack can be made by each 
hero with a ranged weapon,heroes can divide attacks - add 
the avasion ratings of all monsters being attacked. Damage 
is divided as the hero desires. The attacker is not harmed 
by it's own misslie fire.
   If a moster has ranged attacks use the misslie rules but 
substitute its ranged attack rating for bow rating, and 
tactics ability minus physique for avasion rating. Apply the 
result as damage to the hero.
Point blank: an extra attack can be made but the hero must fight unarmed if attacked in brawling combat. This is the only type of missile attack allowed at point blank range. Digging in: heroes, (or monsters), not firing or maneuvering can add 10 minus the terrain rating to thier armor rating. If they are immobile, or otherwise unable to reach cover, this option can't be used. It can't be used against point blank shots.

Table 10 Missile weapons
            Bow Sling Blowgun Thrown Crossbow     Artillery
MR/req str   1   1/2   NA(1)    1/2      1          cr/2
MR/ability  1/2  1/2    1/3     1/4      1           1/4
rate/ability 1   1/3    1/2     1/2     1/4 arbalest4,cata3
cost/req str 2   1/3    1/2      1       3           10

   If strength is less than the weapon's required strength, 
lower the hero's skill by the difference, and use the hero's 
strength for maximum range purposes. Actual maximum range is 
the lower of the 2 numbers, or for terrain if lower, (see 
below). Sr = square root, cr = cube root

  Racks and trees will block shots. The terrain rating 
limits the maximum range. Catapults and arbalests raise 
maximum range by 1.

terrain ratings Basic maximum range = size of target
desert          +7
grass           +6
mountain        +5
evergreen forest+4
deciduous forest+3 (+5 during winter)
jungle          +2
hill            -1
cliff           -1 (may be eliminated by maneuvering)
storm           -1
down            double limit