To simulate the hero learning, expertise points are earned and spent.
The primary way heroes earn expertise points is by adventuring, (killing monsters). The points are spent to increse characteristics, abilities or specialties, the player deecides which.
If a group of creatures is defeated which has a combined danger rating higher than the heroes' combined danger rating, then each hero gains one experience point. If a monster defeated in a battle has a higher danger rating than a hero, then that hero gains one expertise point: this applies only to one hero per monster. Up to two expertise points can be earned by each hero per battle.

 Table 12 Cost of expertise gains in points: 
1 luck point               =5 (allows one reroll) 
1 characteristic point     =15+current characteristic rating 

1 skill advance            =10+current skill advancement 
1 specialty advance        =5 
learn a spell =(circle+shere+ingredients+preparation)x2 

The expenditure may be dedicated as expertise points are earned or they can be "banked". All undedicated expertise points are lost if the hero is mortally wounded.

Danger Rating

Danger ratings are used to balance play and to give the players a little more control over the game. The players shouldn't often be attacked by a monster with over the double the danger rating of the best hero. The size of any treasure goals should be related to the danger rating(s) of their guardians.
To calculate danger rating use the following formula. Of a hero:(Wounds ability + highest magic ability + higest brawling ability).
Of a monster: (skill equivalent (from dice) + 1/2 maneuver + or - for special rules). The monster's danger rating should be noted in the manster description.