So far Legendary journeys have begun

Table of Contents:

Ratings : what you need to build your own legendary hero
Armor : The effects of armor and dice rolls
Brawling: the affects of weapons like swords and spears
Spells : nothing gets the babes like a little magic
Missiles: This section stinks right now
expertise: add a little know how
Introduction: read me
Combat Section: Wanna fight?
Adventures: poop 'n such
Optional Rules: only added as what to not change

What This Site is(n't) & where it came from

About 2 years ago I spied a small word proccessor at the bottom of a pile of clearance electronics in a department store. $100 later, and after a week at the warrantee shop there it was on my coffee table staring blankly back at me. "Eureka!" I announced, "I will write a book!"

Well here it is. E-mail Productivity Enterprises if you would like to playtest it for me. I will try to provide any additional help, (rules changes). Under no condiions is the site to be used for profit in any way by others. I understand that, by US law, all homepages are the copyright of their creators, so go write your own.

There has been some controvery about role playing games in recent years. Anyone who gets involved in them should realise that they are an interactive entertainment medium. I do not take responsibility for demented acts based on this game. Please use it for your own enjoyment as well as for those around you. PS.I believe that the only real magic is our ability to make decisions and our ability to get up and do something to make them happen.

I borrowed somewhat from the "Masterbook*" and "The Highest Level Of All*" systems for the magic rules. But the combat system is completely original, the most similar thing I can think of was produced by "Flying Buffalo*" in the seventies. I never actually read it, but the advertisement described a one roll combat system.

*Masterbook* *The Highest Level Of All* and *Flying Buffalo*, (I think I have the name right), have copyrights and other legal thingies, I'm sure. Use of these names is without permission and intended to be of an informational nature. Those with interest in finding a "real" version of this game might look for them. Any problem with this should be directed to Productivity Enterprises. I will be happy to edit the content of this page as required.

The missing link

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