The old west; a land ruled by the mob, and the tool of the mob was the bullet. The line between right and wrong was "flexible" and many good men turned bad from anger or need.

The frontier was being settled by all types of people. An adventurous breed of discontents and treasure seekers. They taught their children gunplay and survival. Reading and writing, even mathematics, were rarely learned. Yet a victorian sense of morality and honor had accompanied them from the east. Loyalty served as a fortress where there were no walls and the duel settled many a dispute.

Into this picture came the railroad, and with it came money and government. Fortunes were made and lost, the homesteaders mostly lost.

Your character has just been accused of a crime, (see table), whether he did it or not is up to you. It makes no difference, there is an "eye witness" who will testify against you if you stay.

Game Rules

Your desperado has two combat statistics, aim and draw. He can transfer points between the two, but at a 2:1 cost.


Possession Effect cost

Weapon draw aim range power cost
peacemaker 5 2 3 3 4
winchester repeater 3 4 5 4 5
single cartridge rifle 2 5 6
cap and ball rifle 1 4 3


good shot or tracker

skilled tracker

Bounty hunter
skilled shot.

Insurance agent
skilled shot and tracker

Federal marshal
an expert shot and skilled tracker

Adventure Guidelines

As your character's reputation spreads more and more deadly goodguys will chase him.