The day President Roosevelt ordered the atomic bomb to remain as a last ditch weapon, against the wishes of his advisors, sealed the fate of over a billion people. Two months later, Japanese scientists in a secret lab in Hiroshima finished development of a nuclear V-2.

In the five years of escalation that followed, twelve thousand one-hundred and twenty-seven uranium and plutonium bombs were exploded in Europe, Britain, Russia, and the US.

Of course that was not the end, soon the radiation spread and affected the environment. It is a time of storms and hot winds. Vegetation is dying and the icecaps are melting, creating floods and moving coastlines. Earthquakes can appear anywhere with no warning and rain, when it falls is so acidic it must be treated before drinking. And this is the US, which was spared most of the destruction!

There hasn't been a good crop in twenty years and what government is left is disjointed and usually controlled by an ambitious local. The federal government has relocated to a deep bunker system outside of Chicago, which is defended as much from the irate American public as the ever present axis threat.

WWII 1/2 is played by 2 or 4 players on a chessboard. You will also need a deck of cards and lots of coins.

Each turn you can:
move/invade once
raise an additional army on any open territory on the board.
Once you have assigned your invading forces, hand the defender the top card. If the defender's card beats or equals the card indicated by the chart, the invasion fails. It's the defender's responsibility to remove the eliminated armies and then place the card face up on the discard pile.

The last player with armies on the board WINS!