The Universe


On world travel

Nearly all everyday travel is accomplished through teleporters. A teleporter consists of a box slightly larger than a refrigerator. They are linked by a network of interspace threads. When two boxes are aligned the view through the openings are of the location of the other box, as if seen from the back of the box. For long journeys or from extreme to extreme, (for instance from the freezing tundra to a boiler room under the surface), an intervening box joins between the two terminal boxes. As the traveller walks from one side to the other the climate adjusts smoothly to avoid shock. There is a branch of police (T-cops) which prevents thieves from hacking transporter codes.

Outerspace travel

Most people are hardly aware of the spacecraft flying overhead which shuttle cargoes more cheaply than transporters. More popular are the fightercraft which patrol above. A Smarmy Stellar Defender has a maximum speed of .992% light speed, can accelerate from 0.0 to .5 light speed in 1.5 seconds, and can rotate 360 degrees in 1.75 seconds.

Wildspace travel

Interstellar travel is in ships plated with Dubidium, which can be brought to Tachyon neutrality. In this state, the ship swarms through wildspace an antimatter state where the raw forces of nature exist only as concepts. The pilot's brain communicates telepathicaly with simbiots, computers which retain the navigational data used for a wildspace swarm. Short swarms are possible with neural-net software, but expensive. During the journey, pilots are put in a state of drug induced hypersleep through upper spine intraveneous, they interact with the symbiotes in dreams, often nightmares. An experienced pilot is easily recognisable by the bruised area on the back of the neck.

The interstellar portion of the journey is instantaneous but the ship must first proceed to a distance of Pi thousand solar diameters from the sun, this takes about 2 hours depending on the ship's maximum speed. Ships can re-enter normal space anywhere but "preferably" not in a planet, sun, etc. Also the pilot should be in hypersleep for at least 2 hours before a swarm.



There are 4 companies which are so pervasive they supercede government.

Smarmy Personnel & Merchandise (SP&M)
This is the largest producer of multi level goods and services. They have three lines, Good, Better, and Best. Even their Best line is often below the quality and value of many other major manufacturers. Their most reknowned department is Smarmy Police & Military, which is the best available.
United Manufacturing Solutions (UMS)
This company is owned by it's workers. Each recieves a dividend instead of a paycheck. This system forces United into many trend enterprises. The results are flashy and artistic but not always soundly designed or functional. The worst known flop was the self propelled hammock.
Universal Catalog Company (UCC)
In the future a catalog is a machine which can change forms using nanotechnology developed by the CEO. These expensive and complex devices are built only by Universal and are gaining wide acceptance. Universal has also bought myriad industries and service corporations. Their motto: We are Universal. Each catalog is assembled individually from a list of functions the more functions and smaller the final item has, the more it will cost (exponentially).


Long ago the terran humans' genetic scientists had made enough breakthroughs to create embryos from scratch. This lead to a period of slavery and bloody wars fought by what were called bods. Soon it became evident that synthetic beings could be more than slaves and another war began, fought economically between those who believed that all people are created equal and the humanists - whose concerns were based on outdated concepts. After 10 years a new social order was formed. That society we call Whole, taken from the philosophies of Xero Perr Omeja who said, "Every Individual is part of the whole."

Every genesapiens conception is designed to satisfy predicted needs of their progenetor community. You may be a harvester, protector, thinker, or drifter depending on your conception components. While it's easy to control an average quality birth, high tolerance genesapiens tend be less predictable. Personality quirks are far more common than physical ones, and are tolerated if behavior stays within legal (safe) limits. Most physical imperfections are correctable.



Ship to Ship Combat

Ships almost never come out of warpspace within 25 parsecs of a planet. Also, a ship must spend almost a second in orbit before linking with the planetary teleporter system. Most ships have emergency transport cabins which can be teleported to the surface whole. During these few seconds, even the fastest ships are vulnerable to pirates and privateers. Also, computers on space stations can try to disable ships' symbiotes with negmissiles and can distort navigational beacons, confusing approaching pilots with mindwarp mines.

Ship Movement

Each ship is assigned a maximum movement rate, (in squares), and a maneuver rate, (how many squares must be moved straight ahead before turning is allowed). turning, costs one movement point per 90degrees.

Warpspace ships have forward and or rearward firing energy weapons only. Interplanetay ships can have turrets, missiles, and or energy weapons. A typical map will be 50 squares 50 squares and the planet's no-fly zone will be in the center 4 squares. To teleport to a planet, a ship must end it's turn on any of the 4 no-fly squares, (ships attempting to fly from one no-fly square to another will crash - thus it is recommended to spend a movement point at the end of the turn to point outward).

Ship weapons

The attack strength of each ship is rated by die codes. The first digit of a die code is how many (regular cube) dice are rolled in each attack. The second digit is what must be rolled, (or lower), on each die for it to count. All of the dice which count must be re-rolled by the defending ship. Each ship has a damage chart describing roll effects. Some ships can combine successful dice when rolling damage and some ships can keep initial die rolls. These abilities are noted on their charts.
Effect Results
Hull damage: a direct hit!
Each type of ship has a different number of hull hits it can withstand before exploding. Even one hull hit makes wildspace swarming impossible. If the ship has field points left it also takes 1-6 points of field damage.
Electronic disruption: Battle systems aboard the ship go dead. Each subsequent effect results in 1 hull hit.
Field damage: The electronic armor of the ship is partially drained. Each ship has an amount of field damage it can withstand and a maximum recharge rate (see power use)
Weapon tracking: This result adds 1 to the effect roll of each subsequent roll during the attack.
Evade: The target ship evades the shot