Point and shoot your way to deluxe photoalbums

Photography is one of the best ways to share excitement and reminisce about events in our lives. It's also a great way to stay in contact with distant family members. Everybody loves pictures, and the internet is terrific at transporting them, no reprints to make, no stamp, and fast. It's easy to store pictures on a website, where friends and family can look at them whenever they want.

So far, so good, but they aren't very easy to organise. Directories quickly become jumbled lists of oddly named files and link pages are hard to make appealing. Point And Shoot Album Press solves the problem. When viewing an album, visitors can view a sequence of pictures you plan, or skip around freely using real word titles. It's simple to make an album which can be emailed to anyone, or you can customise one for your homepage. To return from this sample album. use your recent button or click next at the last image.

It only takes a few minutes to make an album. Once you have your photos on the web, visit Point And Shoot to organise them into your first album. It's as simple as looking at a picture you want to add, clicking shoot and typing a title. The URL is automatically copied directly from the web, so there's no chance of making a mistake. Once you have all of your pictures on the list, you'll probably want to reorganise them and write better titles. In Point And Shoot, editing is just a click away; caption will let you rewrite titles, while up and down buttons change the order of your pictures instantly. Preview functions ensure that everything is just the way you want it.

Hymn on photography... art... life...

I was less than ten years old when my father taught me how to use his Yashica-Mat 120mm dual lens camera, the kind where you look down at a 2" diagonal viewfinder. Eventually I moved up to an SLR and videotape, but I take a point-and-shoot camera with me on vacation.
I hope Point And Shoot Album Press is as fun to use as it was to design. Its main feature is the do-it-all control panel. Experiment, there are a few ways to preview your album before you create it, if you spend a few minutes trying out different ideas you may discover an artistic side of yourself that you didn't know existed.