Before you can save an album on your homepage you must;
-Have an account with a homepage provider.
-Know how to use the direct HTML editor of your homepage account, you won't need any coding knowledge
-Know how to cut and paste
-Know how to transload.
-Have a transloaded copy of the album template (click here) NOTE: the page will just say "next" because it doesn't have a list code yet. You will add the code as explained below.

Steps to creating a homepage album:

  1. Create your picture list and edit until perfect
  2. Click homepage to generate your list in code - it will appear under the list display box, this page also appears. You can return to edit mode by clicking the film picture.
  3. Cut the code to memory. The easiest way to do this is to select the code area, then press the edit key, then press cmd+a, then cmd+x. If the code in the box disappears, it is in memory.
  4. Go to your homepage editor
  5. Copy the file album_template.html to any name you want.
  6. Go to the direct HTML editor of the new page
  7. Select the code area and press the spacebar, then use the up arrow to get to the top of the code area. It will say "PASTE CODE BELOW" and "PASTE CODE ABOVE", paste the code between them by pressing cmd+v. A big mess of gibberrish will appear - that's good.
  8. Press cmd+up or down arrow to leave the code edit box and then save the page.
It's easier than it looks, give it a shot