FIrst Timers (start here)
Note: Always WEAR Mood Mixer.  If you "attach" it you'll lose the location on your hud and may need to type /1mm instead of being able to click the logo.
The first tIme you wear Mood Mixer You'll be asked for permission several times.  Click Yes to each request.
Once all the confirmation requests are approved please detach it, wait ten seconds, then rewear it.
Guided tour:
Step 1: find and click the mood mixer logo or type /1mm
Step 2: a panel will appear in the upper right of your screen. Click more, then labels after a few seconds the panel will reappear with new words on most of the buttons.  Take a step forward to clear the "panic attack"
Step 3: click a few mood buttons.  See that they toggle between CAPITALS and lower case letters.  Watch your avatar react to the mix.
Step 4: click walk and choose "w silly".  When you walk you'll look totally absurd!!  Then click walk again and choose either "w man" or "w girl"
Step 5 click chat and choose explain. When you type your avatar will gesture naturally.  Click chat and then click ignore to go back to typing in the air.
Step 6 click swim and then click swim again in the next menu.  when you go into SL water you'll start swimming automatically
Step 7 click more and then face to set your smile as you like it
Step 8 click more then visible to clear your view.  You can still click where the logo is on your screen even thogh you can't see it.
Step 9 have fun in SL