Why Time Travels In Reverse, (or why time travel machines never work)

It is a little known fact that time travels in reverse. Knowledge which fell into the same black hole as why only one side of the moon is lit. This fact, like many of the mysteries of the universe, has seeped through the cracks of boastful ignorance and unquestioning belief.

It is obvious to you, that is no wonder. Yet you don't see it. That is your mistake. Natural patterns will make more sense to you once you realise the simple truth.

The future, (that is the concrete/irrevocable/let's not even think about it), truth is the supreme past. It is the one finite of the universe. It is like an autonomous organ; you can not feel it, even though you can't help touching it.

The past, (the supreme future), is a weak reflection of the supreme past, it is infinite extraneous data emerging in an endless flow. It enlarges as we move into it; each new moment originating at ourselves.

The truth exists regardless of one's person. It exists simply, as Descarte put it, "...Because I am."