Using the WWW, (World Wide Web)

You evidently have figured out how to click on links to get around but did you know you can make your own lists of links?

It's easy, you will need to set up something called a PHP, (personal Home Page). The first thing you should do is pick a server. I use Tripod, it is unlimited and includes an automatic feature, which makes setup very easy, (in fact, you don't even need to know HTML). To get a page you will have to register with the server. They will assign you a password, user name, and URL. Write all of the information down on a piece of paper you will not lose. I have a spiral notebook just for notes I take while surfing.

Okay, maybe it won't be easy for the first few days. Most sites don't give much guidance to new users. You will have to fend for yourself. Be prepared to have to try a few times before you actually figure out what you are doing. What I generally do is try pressing buttons that I think will get me what I want. Read the whole page each time you get somewhere, because the fine print is often the most immportant. Computer programmers tend to write in lingo. They might put a button which says, "Continue," and you may be thinking, "Continue what?" Just try clicking it. "Nuff said. It will take a long time before you make a mental map of the site, and usually you can see better ways of organising it. Oh well, they would probably laugh at the layout of our PHPs, (if they bothered to read them).

It's fun, you can make links as general or as personal as you want. If you like floogs, make a link to floogs... If you hate floogs, you can make a link to floogs too! Hey, even if you're neutral about floogs, you can still make a link to floogs's site. If there isn't a Floogs site, or you can't find one, make your own! Most PHP servers give plenty of space and allow a way of making several pages.