Welcome to THE BACKPACK. A utility for study and research on the net. There are 3 compartments in the backpack.

This is the flap compartment. It is where you will read most documents.

The compartment with the search engines is the cargo pocket. It has the search functions you will use while you are here.

The bottom compartment is the pencil pouch. You can keep notes there.

They will follow you from site to site until you power off. It also has a button to return the side pocket to the basic search function, handy after a multi-step look-up.

Currently there is no way to save your current position in favs/bookmarks. If you leave the BACKPACK it will forget your last position, but "back" will work normally while you stay.

Be sure you don't hit your "back" button after taking notes. To return to the main section without losing your notes you must empty the cargo compartment and re-enter the site you wanted to go to.