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T he    Temple

You approach a narrow glass spire. It disappears in the white clouds above. You pass through the arched entrance and the elevator begins to rise. You turn and gasp as landscape details diminish in size until you pass through the clouds.

Soon you can see the whole planet, but it quickly disappears in the distance. You notice that your feet are losing contact with the floor as the pull of gravity lessens. If you want to jump, now is the time. You can jump really high now. You hear a "Ping" and the elevator stops. The doors in front open and you float through as the last bit of reality in the elevator escapes.

As your mind wanders, you may wonder where you are. This is where physics and metaphysics combine to create nature. Oneness attains all potentials. Take time to know your Body Spirit. Cherish the magic of individuality.

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"Rhapsody in Blue"
George Gershwin
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What's it all about?

How should I know? I don't have a favorite god, philosopher, guru, scientist, environmentalist, actor, director, TV show, artist, (except granddad), architect, lobbiest or politician, (especially politicians). I love my family and being with people, animals, nature, and working with my hands. I hate pollution, drugs, violence, poverty, and anything that doesn't produce something positive for the world to enjoy.

I believe that the mind has to be well fed to be happy. Here is a listing of my favorite eateries.

Destiny of the Dragon
50 moves from my campaign game
(reads from bottom up)
ChatThang my RPG chat engine
my variety page
my home improvement page
Draco's Lair
my homepaging resources
Gallery B
my "artwork" galleria
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Seeing Ear Theatre
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online superhero comic episode #1
One Look Dictionaries
many dictionaries in one
details of an incredible variety of simple tasks
My Virtual Reference Desk
not really mine personally
History Net
not a boring site
Web Chess
chat while playing chess - do not hit back during a game or the system crashes.
Erol's Local Papers
newspapers of the Northeast USA
large organised list of online magazines
Friend Finder
use the interactive atlas
the best way to travel
Good Journey, Ancient
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