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Shakespeare: et ptui
Art Crimes: graffiti
Cars for Sale: pretty pictures VROOM
The Auto Channel: advice
PM Zone
Antiques and The Arts Weekly:
Traditional Gardening:
Kodak: f-stop it now!
An image poem: very odd
Academy of American Poets: listening booth

Darth Vader Technical School

Communications 100: Eliza

Remedial Math: Skywalkers top10

History200: text: AO's "A Brief History Of Time"

Computers 100: Web TV Info

Recreation 220: Starship Titanic

Fiction 210: Real History Archives

1st grade: LA Times Science Reports COOL

Storm Trooper Communications: Bell Labs Text to Speech Synthesizer

Just For Laughs

When you think the net has nothing left to give: Try these

Psychtests: Ask thyself! NEW As if you need help spending money
Ask Orkin: For what bugs you
Rx List: a checkup for your doctor GOOD STUFF
Fast Food Facts introduction to cholesterol
Fast Food Simulator: the dark side of the counter culture
The Whitehouse: America RULES
The British Monarchy: play count the Counts
Russia Today: straight from the horse
MUST SEE Sunet ftp picture index: lookie lookie

The Family Trip

Better Homes And Gardens : online magazine

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