Javascript is a programming language that integrates with HTML. Scripts can be activated by EVENTS, DATE/TIME, or TIMERS.

Script command lines are performed from top to bottom, and operations result leftward:
x = 7 // sets a variable named x equal to equal 7;
y = x + 2 // sets a variable named y equal to 9 (7+2);

The double slash (//) is used to comment code. Whatever is between the // and the end of the line is ignored, linebreaks will cause errors (see tips).

It is advisable to end lines with semicolons (;) although not neccessary. Semicolons can also be used to divide commands on the same line:
x = 7 ; y = x + 2 // like so;

Events are activated by actions of people viewing the page. Scripts can change page characteristics when the select box clicks and/or moves across links and form inputs.

Your WebTV knows the time and date and this knowledge is shared with javascript. Your page can look different at night or on special days.

Scripts can be set off by the time since an event, or since the page's download.