Along with all regular mathematical operators, javascript can determine how one variable compares to another.

For numeric variables:
less than <
equal to ==
greater than >
greater or equal to >=
less than or equal to <=

For string variables (words):
equal to ==

The general format for boolean operators is:

if (one_variable == another_variable) { }

In code there would be at least one command line between the curly braces { }. If there's only one command line, the curly braces are optional.
NOTE: equal to is written with two equal signs.
WRITERS NOTE: I read boolean operators like questions. I would read:
if (variable_1 > variable_2) {variable_3 = 1700}
If the answer to the question, "is variable_1 greater than variable_2?" is yes, then variable_3 equals 1700.