WebTV users can access this page by pressing info and clicking instructions on any map.

DungeonPager is a Roleplaying game set in a world of magic & monsters called Thang. As a player, you will control the actons of a hero (Thangie) in a dangerous quest.

Player section
-Click on any square next to your hero to move there.
-Click on a nearby monster (not directly next to your hero) to fire your bow at it.

Damage categories:
-Reading the health bar - in the area of the page usually reserved for the title is a row of letters. A=agility, P=physique, S=social status, | is a health point, : is a wound point. A|| P|: S7||||||| represents a health status of 2 agility, 2 physique (1 healthy, 1 wounded) and 7 social status. As you play, this bar will change. Simply put, the more |'s the better.
-Strength - click on your Thangie to try to heal 1 point
-Agility - heals 1 point per turn, but any hit reduces it to 0
-Social status - it never heals, but you can find it "lying around".

-Hand weapons (axes, swords, etc) use all 4 attributes, but are weighted towards strength and dexterity.
-Bows use perception for maximum range and effect. A bow shot will weaken a monster but your Thangie must fight it to destroy it
-Magic uses mentality for effect. Sometimes the effect is not obvious. Experiment.

The Action List:
-Bow: with this chosen, your Thangie can shoot his bow.
-Drink potion: Choose this to heal all agility and physique instantly. Your Thangie must have a potion to drink.
-Enchant: Raises RISK (attack strength) for all attacks. Costs 1 amber and lasts until you choose another action.
-Blast: Choose this and "fire" it like a bow but with no maximum range and using mentality for effectiveness. Each shot costs 1 amber. Note: each monster can only be hit by 1 bow shot or 1 magic blast.
-Elemental: If a monster walks onto an elemental they may both be destroyed. Moving or creating elementals costs 2 amber. The elemental will disappear if you choose another action.
-Predict: Forces monsters to re-roll combat and choose the worst number. Costs 3 amber and lasts until you choose another action.
-Draw: Exchanges your Thangie's ready weapon with his slung weapon. When an item is picked up, it is exchanged with his slung weapon. The higher the weapon RISK is the better your Thangie will fight. Each weapon has an attack bonus and a defence bonus. In general, it's better to attack faster monsters and defend from larger ones, but weapon bonuses also affect the results. When your Thangie moves onto a monster he's attacking it, he's defending when a monster moves onto him.

The Status List: WebTV users scan by moving the selection box over each item and select by clicking - inspect must be selected to work.
-Health: shows the health bar as described above. If your Thanie is attacked this will automatically be selected.
-Stats: shows the current rating in Physique, Agility, Perception, Mentality, and Social Status. High numbers are better in all categories.
-Items: shows how many amber stones and potions currently carried
-Ready: gives details about the weapon your Thangie will use in combat.
-Slung: gives details about the weapon your Thangie has slung.
-Inspect: displays a description of what is in the selected square.

-When your Thangie moves onto an altar, you will be asked if you want to increase strength, if you click cancel you'll be asked if you want agility, perception, or mentality in that order. Click okay on the one you want to increase.
-Your Thangie's RISK (attack strength) with a specific hand weapon will not increase until he finds a new one. Each type of weapon uses an equation to calculate a new RISK, each type weighs the importance of attributes differently.

Developer section
Dungeon Pager does not support violence or hate. If you are thinking about participating in either, OR consider yourself obsessive, consider counselling (dial 211 for help) and do not use Dungeon Pager.