Most of the artwork is from "Imagine It: Scifi" clipart CD-ROM set. It has been drastically reduced in size and resolution. Check this set out.
About ten are taken from the Civilization II Fantastic Worlds Expansion Kit. Which makes the best game in the world perfect.
Some is downloaded from the web
Some is 3D art downloaded from the web
Some is 3D art created by me.

The game rules are my own invention.
You can not charge for the use of Dungeon Pager or for play using Dungeon Pager.
You are free to use the dungeon pager interfaces without alteration.
You are encouraged to state your personal credits in the lower section of the code and/or visible page.
IMPORTANT: never alter the credits/instructions links.
DungeonPager is NOT released to the public domain.
Stories/maps/items/etc portrayed using DungeonPager (but not the code, interface, or rules) are the property and responsibility of their creators.
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