Destiny of the Dragon is currently played on two sites. This site is for starting characters and getting accustomed to PBW gaming. Once you have invented a character I hope you want to move on to Macray's keep. There really isn't much difference between the 2 sites, but the forms may work better there. He has far more experience than I do.

To play Destiny of the Dragon you will need to familiarise yourself with the rules. They are very simple and short. It may be easier to learn them if you print a black & white copy, which takes about 5 pages. The quiz helps point out key concepts, please use it.

All participants are expected to have used the interactive map of the known area. What you learn will serve as the combined history and geography lessons of your character's youth. You don't have to use the rules while on the map, but doing so will help aquaint you with the system. The rules are very fast.

Doing both should not take over a few hours.
If you have obviously not done either
you will be asked to leave the game.
I think you will enjoy the time it takes to learn of Thang.

Destiny of the Dragon is not a hack & slash campaign. If you are not ready to participate on an adult level please reconsider now. I'm willing to be patient, but I won't spend much time on your character if you can't keep up with the group. In the full rules there is a section on roleplay modifiers. Spelling counts!

Make sure you will be able to use the character sheet.
Create a thangie
One final @mail
And let's play!
Remember to bookmark the next page.

If necessary to correct obvious flaws in the game, I may be forced to change items. Attempting to number crunch will not help (and can backfire) if such a situation arises. Please roleplay your character.

If you anticipate leaving the game at any time please notify me as far in advance as possible, so we can create a cool dramatic "departure".

Useless links:

Macray's Keep: host of Destiny of the Dragon
Productivity Enterprises: the main entrance to my RPG pages
Temple of the Body Spirit: my main homepage

PS I do all of my surfing on a WebTV terminal. I know that many of you are using Netscape or Internet Explorer. Webtv uses almost all of the HTML extensions of both. You should really see the map of Thang on a webtv if you get a chance, new pages slide onto the screen as if a map were scrolling in the proper direction. It's really cool and sells for $100*-$200** (depending on the model) at department stores, [*+19.95/mo unlimited **+24.99/mo unlimited].