History is fun! The goal is fairly simple, move your disks around the board until they are all in the last quarter and then "bear them off" into the tray by rolling the exact number needed.

On the way, beware of getting "hit" which can happen to lone disks. To control a point, you need at least two disks there. You can't move onto a point controlled by the other player.

1) Moving
Each die represents the amount you must move one disk. You must use both dice if possible. You can move one disk twice or two separate disks. If you roll doubles, you must move the number rolled 4 times, again any number of disks can be moved.

2) Bearing off
Once all of your disks are in the lower left quarter of the board (this is called your home board), you can begin moving them into your tray. To bear off, you must roll the exact number required to reach the tray. Whichever player moves all disks from the board first wins the game.

4) Hitting blots
When a disk is alone on a point, is is called a blot. You can hit enemy blots by moving onto them. If your blot is hit, your disk is placed on the center of the board -- called the "bar". Before any other move is allowed you must return from the bar. Your disks enter into your opponent's home board on the point represented by either of your dice.

3) Passing
If no move if possible, you must pass. Normally, if it's possible to use all of your dice you must use them all. In this version you can make any combination of moves until no moves are possible. Experts are welcome to respect the proper rule but can't force opponents to do so.