Welcome to my downloadable models directory.

These models are released as-is and are not for modification.
You can add textures as you desire (I stink at 2D)
Although not a requirement, I'd get a kick out of it if you'd show me how my models are used.
e-mail me (spammers will be violated).

Some notes about the files:
All models are done 100% by me in trueSpace 3.1
My trueSpace tutorial is called trueSpace 3.1 (in 5 minutes)
All (most?) files have been converted to rwx format but are not zipped, etc.
Any models that contain textures (currently none) will be zipped together.
You will quickly notice I stink at anything organic. The avatars folder is full of failed attempts.
Several models are multi-peice. The names clearly denote these models.
suggestion box (yes I love e-mail)