The Tomb of the Eldar

The Tomb of the Eldar stood untouched for over 1000 years. Ever since the Wyrms developed a taste for magic and destroyed the Eldar civilization.

Within the temple is the Zodion, a portal to the crypts deep in the underworld, beneath the Grey mountains. For 30 years, the great magicians of the Empire strove to unlock the secret vaults. Finally they have entered a few minor chambers. Great magical treasures have been retrieved since then. Along with weapons of fantastic power,

Eldar magicians made a special jewelry capable of bringing the owner's mind to a state of nirvana known at the time as gem dreams. The bravest heroes of the empire pay steep entrance fees to enter the tombs, which are filled with traps and guardian monsters.

The human administrator of the ancient Temple is Kaol. He is a large man with a scar across his bald scalp.

Adventurers' Guild

The charge to enter the Ancient Temple is 100 gold coins. Roughly two years pay for a freeman laborer.
No two crypts are alike. you must e-mail Kaol with he 100 gold coins for the details. If you succeed, the rewards will be great. Kaol's guard is dressed in stinking rags. You notice an Eldar ring on the hand that waves you in.