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You can play as Nubie, (be sure to rename him so people you meet won't be _completely_ confused), or you can START YOUR OWN THANGIE
Your Thangie starts adventuring with 4 points to distribute among the 4 abilities as the player chooses.

Each starting thangie is given 5 gold coins, (50 silver), and a weapon from the weapons list.


The four abilities of thangies are:
Physique: muscle mass, bone strength, resistance to pain. Determines the RISK of weapons which use brute force to be effective. Also is a damage reservoir and is used in group combat.
Agility: speed, balance, flexibility. Determines the RISK of weapons which use speed and tactics to be effective. Also is a damage reservoir.
Perception: senses, cognitive memory, calmness in stressful situations. Determines the RISK bonus of bows and thrown weapons.
Mentality: concentration, organization, detail memory. Determines the RISK bonus of magic spells.

Presently, ChatThang does not use skills, (it's hard enough to learn as is), ignore the skill boxes on the page.

When a non-combat roll is called for, the allowed abilities will be specified by the referee.
Some common situations:
Breaking things uses physique
Feats of balance use agility
Avoiding traps uses perception
Runelore (reading/writing), uses mentality

  1. starting a thangie
  2. weapon and armor charts
  3. basic rules
  4. advanced rules