When your thangie kills a monster or group of monsters there is a chance to learn.
A monster's battle rating = it's RISK + it's average roll
A monster's danger rating = 1/2(the monster's battle rating) + (the number of monsters in the battle), up to double the monster's danger
If the monster's danger rating is higher than the thangie's total ability(+skills) score, then add 1 point to any one ability(skill) score.

Each monster only has one expertise increase to give, if 2 thangies are attacked by a monster of much higher level, only one thangie gets an increase. Thangies directly attacked by monsters get first dibs on their expertise points. Only one expertise point can be gained by each thangie per battle.

Hand weapons and bows must be replaced to get the effect of ability increases, do not calculate RISK using the new physique or agility score until this is done.

thangies must stay within the following maximums:
3 weapons
6 pieces of armor, one per location, (2 on body)
3 small items, or 1 large or extra-large item.

A sack counts as a small item - each can carry 3 small items or 1 large item (not extra-large) - thus if you have 3 sacks you can carry 3 large items or 9 small items.

Theoretically you could carry 12 sacks at once, but only the three not containing sacks could actually carry anything, and they would already be full of sacks!

Extra-large items have size ratings, you must have physique, (or Physique+carrying skill), of at least the size rating of the item to carry it.

Want more?! Five extra-small items count as one small item, but 50 fit in a pouch or 300 in a sack. A pouch is an extra-small item.

extra-smallbite, coin, credit card
smallsteak, spare helmet, webtv box
largeturkey, spare breastplate, 13" TV
extra-largeside of beef, statue, 27" TV
If you are truly encumberance crazed, you can take hardship damage to carry even more...
Items which your thangie buys have no resale value, they are considered worn out when the thangie discards them. Only Eldar treasures can be used and then sold.


this area is not setup on the basic board (as of this writing)

Thangies in a campaign earn -skills- instead of attribute points. If desired, one skill point can be converted into one attribute point by the addition of another (new) skill point.
A skill's rating is used as a bonus whenever the specified action is performed. Skills add directly to the attribute total for purposes of expertise advancement.
Attribute Skills
Suggested Skills
Physique haft weapon(axe/mace/halberd), sword, spear, boxing(unarmed), knife, pressure(crush/bend), physique reservoir
Agility sword, spear, karate(unarmed), knife, acrobatics, agility reservoir
Perception bows, knife, track, disguise, picklock, pickpocket
Mentality runes(read/write), herbalism, magic, etc
A thangie in a campaign game starts with 3 attribute points and 2 skill points.

Since a campaign is conducted in calendar turns, the healing system is different.

The scale of the interactive map varies from 300 to 600 miles across for main map squares. Some information isn't entirely accurate, since it is the product of stories and legends itself.

Advanced players can buy an inn at any city. At the inn they can run campaigns ot ChatThang, taking a cut of the take for themselves. Campaigns should be approved by the high council (moi) for the "official" stamp. (Also, I'll set up a talkcity room for you.)
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