ChatThang is a roleplaying game played by 2-5 players. One player uses the TM page and plays all of the monsters and (super)natural events.
ChatThang uses math (and lots of buttons) to expedite combat situations but the main focus of a ChatThang session should be dialog. The system is cool on it's own but I assure you it will soon get boring. You should stay "In Character" as much as possible during a session.
ChatThang does not have set hours to play. If you think you'll like it, find a friend and set up a session yourself. There is a guestbook to help find players and TMs.
ChatThang is free. There will never be a charge for this service. It's a labor of love (obsession?) and a hobby. It's also a work in progress so please don't transload it to your own site.
ChatThang is based on a setting detailed on my Productivity Enterprises homepage. The weapons and fighting styles are tailored to Thang and vis-versa. It can play in any environment but will make the most sense when played on the Thang map. There are many zones on the map which allow for a wide variety of events.