THE NUMERIC STATISTICS HAVE BEEN REPLACED BY THE ONSCREEN LISTING (pick the monster type, then click ! to load the monster into the stat boxes) Game/herd Animals

Animal type RISK die M-R Description Group size Food value
Warhog 0 6 0 3' at shoulder, tusks, used for battle stampedes Table E good 20
Stag 1 6 0 a popular mount in the empire Table C OK

Common Non-magical Predators

Monster type RISK die M-R Description Group size
Pack wolf 0 6 1 a large predatory canine Table C
Razorbeak swan 0 6 1 a large swan with a knifelike beak Table D
Sabertooth Tiger 2 10 2 a large feline with tusklike upper fangs Table A
Rackox 4 4 0 an ox with four oversized horns Table A

Magical Monsters

Monster type RISK die M-R Description Special rules Group size
Gargoyle 4+4(suprise) 6 4 A gorilla capable of simple illusions roll a die. If your perception or magic is higher, then the gargoyle's RISK is 4 Table C
Troll 6 8 6 A 10' humanoid with magical healing abilities, often found near sources of amber Gets two attacks unless attacked with magic Table B


Monster type RISK die M-R Description wyrmstage
Gyzarm 4 6 1 a giant caterpillar, about 7' long 1
Wyvern 5 6 2 a winged snake, about 15' long and wingspan 2
Dragon hatchling 6 6 3 a winged lizard, up to 20' long 3
Dragon (mature) 7 10 4 a dragon, up to 40' long 3
Dragon elder 8 16 4 a dragon, up to 40' long 3
Wyrm (feeding) 10 20 7 a huge snake, up to 100' long 4
Wyrm (dreaming) 9 6 a huge lethargic snake, pregnant with Gzarm parasites 4
Kilobra 0 10 1 a winged cobra. All damage is to physique they are offspring of wyverns
Lycanthropes as animal form as original form the thangie's body changes into a lizard/porcupine if a Thangie is hit for at least 1 physique point of damage by a dragon or a lycanthrope it will become a lycanthrope. To reverse the process, roll the die and add mentality, (amber is allowed). If the result is higher than 10, the lycanthrope is healed. Gold can be substituted for mentality in cities. 1 test is allowed in each box. Lycanthropes don't heal damage points, in fact they take 1 damage point each time they move to another box.