Weapon Type Cost RISK calculation
sword 3g agility or physique
axe* 8s physique
spear* 1g 2/3 agility or 2/3 physique
knife (shortsword) 5s unarmed + 1
unarmed 0 1/2 physique + 1/2 agility
* can not be used with shields

Armor:is added to agility or physique reservoir in a fight.
There are five positions of armor. Add fractional values only when they are next to other armor for the same reservoir.
location next to
body all double the effect of armor worn on the body location OR two types of armor can be worn on the body together.
Armor type cost Point value - (reservoir)
soft leather 5s 1/4 (agility)
hard leather 1g 1/2 (physique)
chain 25s 1/2 (agility)
plate 25s 1 (physique)
small shield (buckler) 1g 1 agility,
-1 physique
large shield 2g 1 physique

If your thangie removes a piece of armor while wounded, you have two choices.
If current damage points are removed with the armor, (ex. A knight with 2Physique + 2 from a breastplate with 1 point damage removing it can elect to "be healed" of the damage), but the armor is ruined and can never be worn again.
Or the damage can stay with the thangie in which case the armor can be re-used (by the same thangie only).

Usual ranges
terrain range
desert/plains 6
open hills 5
open forest 4
forest edge/road 3
deep forest 2
dense terrain/village/hall 1
in room 0

Bow Type Cost Maximum Range
thrown as weapon 1
sling 5s 2
small bow 1g 3
bow 2g 4
longbow 4g 5

  1. starting a thangie
  2. weapon and armor charts
  3. basic rules
  4. advanced rules